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Who is Mark J. Harlow? why haven’t you heard of him before?

Mark is a self proclaimed “hermit” and does not seek attention, enter photo contests, 
participate in user groups, blogs or message boards.
In the world of auto focus and computerized photography, Mark Harlow stands out as a real artist who relies on creativity as well as his technical expertise to produce some of the most outstanding wildlife photography we at the National Eagle Center have ever seen. Mark does what few others will do - putting in the time to get that once in a lifetime shot. It can easily be said that Mark Harlow is one of the premier nature photographers on the scene today, in fact many of the images used by the National Eagle Center (as the best examples of wild eagle photography), originated from Mark Harlow.
Jeff Worrell - Executive Director
National Eagle Center - Wabasha, MN
Mark Harlow is much more than a photographer. He is an artist with a camera. His images capture the essence of the subject in ways that stir your soul. Harlow instills amazement with not a few, but with all of his carefully captured photographs which is a testament to his creative abilities.
Tim Lesmeister, Minnesota
Outdoor Writer - Photographer
I have just recently discovered Mark Harlow's amazing photographic images. One can certainly see this is a man who has found his calling and follows his passion. Bravo!
Berylene H.
Seattle, WA
As a photographer, I can truly appreciate Mark's ability to capture some of the most memorable shots I have ever seen. Definitely a person who is equally talented with black & whites as well as color. A true talent!
David G. Los Angeles
Mark's extraordinary photographic artwork is a testimony to his ethics, his skill and his presence. His insistence on capturing images of subjects in the wild with the most basic methods of stealth, strategy, quiet observation and experience make these photos more than just images of wildlife...they are a presentation of nature's truth.  Jon Young
Founder - Wilderness Awareness School
Duvall, WA
Not only does Mark photograph the "real deal"...he is the "real deal". Unassuming, unpretentious, humble and appreciative. He is a man with rare ethics and photographic skills. I often marvel at Mark's ability to capture such elegance and beauty in all of his amazing images.
Tricia M.
New York
After watching with amazement and spending countless hours on Marks website, one thing is clear...he has “pure talent!” Andrea T. Dallas, TX

Our 40" framed Glacier Bay - Alaska Float plane canvas arrived safely and now sits proudly in my office. Not only is it beautiful, it is perfect!
Scott G.
Scottsdale, AZ
I have seen the majesty of Alaska. I have smelled its clean cool air. I've heard the glaciers crash into the sea. I've seen the strength of grizzly bears. I didn't have to drive or fly to get there, Mark sent me there. I touched the soft fur of newborn mustangs. I felt a mother's gentle love. I heard the thunder of hooves. I smelled the brambles and the mud and the fresh air of the open range. I was filled with respect and awe looking into the keen and powerful eyes of the stallion. I didn't go to out West, Mark sent me there.
Laurie D. Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Mark's ability to capture wildlife in their element is exceptional! His work is breathtakingly beautiful. His prints have a spiritual side that keeps you wondering what he will capture next.
Carla L. Tucson, AZ
When it comes to Black and White photography, the only persons work in my home was Ansel Adams. That was until I saw Mark's work. Two 30" canvases later, Mark has given me a renewed appreciation for the Black and White world. Mark's work should not take a backseat to anyone.
Richard W.
Mpls, MN
Mark has captured nature in awe inspiring detail to share his personal experience with those of us fortunate enough to view it. Be prepared to enjoy the wonderful creatures that this man has worked so hard to bring to you. This is truly some of the best work I've ever had the pleasure of viewing!
Lisa K.
Grand Rapids, MN
If I had to describe Mark's work in two words, it would be: "Elegant Sophistication" What an amazingly talented photographer!
Patrice K,- New York
"I met Mark at the Edina Art Fair this year. He should have had a sign outside of the booth that said: "Warning, Sensory Overload!"
Kirsten J. Minneapolis, MN.
"Even though Mark may never ask for respect, his work commands it. The websites and studio are a "Visual Wonderland"!
Susan R. - Illinois
G'day Mark Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful photos and help in getting them shipped safely to Australia. Now we have them framed and up in four different areas of our home, they are a constant and beautiful reminder of our time in Minnesota. The fact that we also receive regular emails from you is fantastic!, Not only are the photos wonderful, they allow us to think about and plan where we may visit and what we would like to see on our next visit to the United States. We are very grateful that our friends took the time to introduce us to you and your work.
Tony & Melissa, Woomelang
Mark looks inside the box, but thinks outside the box. His work is amazing. It can yell to you: "look at me"! and others are soft and yet say: "look over here". His eye for nature and wild life is absolutely amazing. I hope you enjoy his websites as much as I do.
Kristan P.
Hey Mark- I just hung your "Back Again" great eagle shot in my office. It is exceptional. I’m really happy with it! Very Inspiring.
Gary R.- Customer
Mankato, MN
I have lived in the Rocky Mountains all my life. I have known several very good wildlife photographers. Someone of Mark Harlow’s caliber requires the kind of dedication to capture the true spirit and locale of his subjects. I have watched his dedication to field work and he cares intensely how he represents the character of his art.
Debbie M.
Dear Mark: Thank you for your donated large prints that now are part of our permanent exhibit. The action images show in great detail behaviors of wild sheep. These excellent photos draw the museum visitors to them and entices them to read the label and study the image. The instructional quality is a great asset to our mission to educate the public about wild life and wild lands. Thank you for your generous contribution!  Sincerely, Suzan Moulton Executive Director National Bighorn Sheep Center Dubois, Wyoming

“I have never seen photos that have touched my soul the way Marks photos do. He captures the spirit of the animals in every photo.”
Heather H.
"Mark's talent is best described through the emotion one has when viewing his work. Looking at his photography of the Grand Canyon revealed to me angles and colors I didn't see when I had visited the area years ago; and stirred the desire to go back. Some of the shots of his wildlife left me feeling as if I was standing right there in the wild and the animal was staring directly at me. His work leaves me feeling as if I am part of the adventure."
Kim W. Fargo, ND.
As a professional photographer, I have seen all genres of professional photography. Mark has such a keen eye. He truly captures masterful images. Often Mark keeps me in a deep trance admiring his awe inspiring work. A true artist that rivals the very best in the industry.
William Jenkins - Florida
"Mark Harlow displays an uncanny instinct for capturing moments in nature that speak to both the mundane and majesty of life in the wild. A young eagle learning to soar. Wild mustangs nuzzling each other in greeting. Bear cubs watching their mother's fishing technique. The intimate details in Harlow's pictures reveal the photographer as a keen yet unobtrusive observer of the natural world. This intimacy affords a kinship and proximity to nature most people would otherwise never know."
Sarah P.
All of your websites are impressive! We were all in awe with our visit to your studio and were intrigued with your stories behind the pictures. We were unaware of the challenges that life has presented to you. Congratulations on meeting and overcoming those challenges and arriving at where you currently are in your life. You have a great talent to capture in photographs, images that draw a person in visually, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you for sharing not only your talent but also of yourself. The world will soon know the name Mark J. Harlow. Keep photographing!
Debbie, Scott & Skyler
Missouri, USA
Dear Mark, You should never have to defend the price of your photography. The quality is exquisite, your photos are as authentic as you are, I'm so pleased I was able to purchase The Guardian for my son, and am eagerly awaiting "His Majesty". Take care, you are a rare jewel!
Kathleen F
St.Cloud, MN
"Imagery so powerful, it seldom leaves your mind" Jennifer S. Denver, CO