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All of our Museum Certified heirloom prints & canvases are made to the highest standards in the world. You may find less expensive, but not better. These world class prints and canvases will last a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation of family or friends.

Lifetime Warranty on all of our heirloom prints and canvases.

"Talkeetna Sunrise" Alaska Picture

All Canvases and prints carry a Lifetime Warranty against cracking, picking and peeling. Please allow 1-2 weeks to complete for prints and 2-3 weeks for canvases. Everything is made to order.


When considering purchasing one of our canvases, there are a couple of rules to keep in mind:

1) Where the canvas is going and how much space there will be between your normal viewing position and the canvas. 2) Visual "breathing room".

For example: A good rule of thumb is the 1.5X factor. Meaning your minimum viewing distance for a particular canvas should be 1.5 times the widest dimension. For example a 30" canvas should be viewed ideally at no less than 45" or 4 feet. Another thought would be, you would not want a 40" canvas in a hallway that is only 48" wide. There is not enough visual "breathing room" for your eyes to view them properly. The same can be said for prints.

You can always call or email us with any questions. We also offer a virtual "see it on your wall before you buy" (click here to see). option that is very impressive! For a $19.95 minumum per "visual request", you can email us a picture (JPEG) of your wall area. The cost will be deducted from your order once the order is placed, so the first request per image winds up being free if you buy the image.

Get as level as possible and remove any items from the wall area like pictures etc. Include your width and height and the image you are considering for a canvas, and we will scale to size (+/-10%) and impose it onto your own image then email it back to you. You can then see your selection on your own wall. How great is that?! You may discover your initial size was too small, too big or "just right". A very inexpensive assurance option.

"Imagery so powerful, it seldom leaves your mind"  Jennifer S. Denver, CO

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